After some rainy days, today spring is knocking at the door again with a pale sun and a sparkling air.

I am still wearing TWO cashmire sweaters under my favourite worn out black leather jacket.

I am still a bit sleepy but it is like I am about to organize all the ideas and projects that are swirling around in my head.

Through all these unshaped thoughts, what I really need is the contact with nature.

I feel growing in me the need to running off to sea rocks enjoying the horizon brushed by the sea breeze, smell the parfumed air and listening to seagulls.

And what about alpine ibex shouts, and a walk to inhale resins and pine scents?

Unfortunately my marked

sense of responsibility often impedes such a positive basic impulse, but I should work on it because a midweek escape has a bigger quality!

But above all what brakes my impulses is the organization: where to go to sleep, call, ask for a place, yes “ I have also a dog!, a medium dog!” and obviously she comes with me..

All this just to share my new passion: the rolling home!

That is freedom: decide to leave in few hours, where you what, at what time you want, with your animals, family or friends.

You can cook what you buy at streets markets, use your plates and products etc…

This is what I really appreciate now: freedom to choose, freedom to fall asleep under the stars or to wake up in front of the sea.

On the net I discovered an entire world of interior design for vans so you can travel on wheels without leaving back home good taste.

I appreciate wood rustic interiors, a big soft bed in the posterior area and kitchen on the side.

What is really funny is that you can have a full equipped interior for long trip in few meters.

I am not speaking about the mythological westfalia, I am speaking about convertions and buitl it as you like from the beginning.

As soon as I can I will try to build one and share a lot of pics of fantastic places to visit.

Have a look of my fav pics I have found on the net just to have some ideas.

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