…My Childwood Places-Courmayeur-Val Ferret-Valle d’Aosta-Italy…
 Every time I go back to my childhood places, to hear the sound of the wind through the trees, smell the fresh air, hear wild animal sounds, I get in the car and from Milan and I use to arrive to Courmayeur and drive till the end of Val Ferret, where I find my lawn, my stream.
If you come here, I suggest you to stop at Arnouva at the Chalet Val Ferret and eat a delicious polenta, and if in summer, eat on the lawn in front of the chalet, sunbathing on a deck chair and enjoy a great coffee with grappa.If you want you can even sleep here in the chalet. 
Otherwise take a pic-nic on the creek Dora banks.
If you love mountain running or trekking, as well as numerous refuges to visit, I report that in August and September from here passes a race called UTMB,a race from Chamonix to Courmayeur and back.
Just down the valley another race passes: it is called Tor des Geants.
Unmissable then try the new cableway of Monte Bianco that takes you up to the eighth wonder of the world.



















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